Smokey Eyes

I always think that smokey eyes are cool. I asked a friend the other day how I could upgrade my eyes like that but before she could explain me how, we were already busy doing something else. So until this very moment I still haven't figured out the technique. Yeah yeah.. I don't read women magazines or TV shows too much, huh. I'm a bit left behind in this make-up thingy.

However.. two days ago I had more time than usual before teaching my private students. So there I was, sitting in my bed, applying more make up than my usual skin-coloured lipstick. There were eyeliner, moisturizer (of course), eyelash curler and mascara. Yep, perfect! I looked nicer. Risking it gone in a few minutes after I got out of the house (... heat causes sweat, you know ...), I went teaching.

I know I can never be organized or neat or being able to remember how to keep the mascara sticking on my eyelashes. Or AT LEAST getting my fingers out of my eyes! Well, it wasn't my fault, huh. My eyes itched. Seriously. And I rubbed them with my stupid fingers before knowing what I could cause to my mascara-ed eyes. So that was the end of the poor short-aged beautiful eyes. I promised myself to wash my face as soon as I arrived at the office.

"Hey you look really cool today!" Pyorr exclaimed as soon as I opened the door. Huh? Did she see me right?

"How is that?" asked me.

"Those smokey eyes. Nice as hell. I like it!!!"

Well.. sometimes accidents could result good, I guess. And though I don't think it's not the nicest option of creating smokey eyes, I've got one of the tricks. Hehehe.. Thanks Pyorr.

PS: If you know the other REAL tricks of making it up, hit me a comment please. :) Thanks.


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