3rd day: Singapore

mood: happy

Yesterday and today have been fantastic!

My boring 1st day in Singapore abruptly changed yesterday when I got into a cool chat with some other backpackers in the same hostel.

We started off talking bout some cool places in northern Thailand and we seemed to click in talking about everything else. So in the end, I hang out with these guys: Pete from England, Fabian from France, Chris from Canada, and met at the bar later on the young couple Tom and Lisa from England. We had a GREAT time. Either that only sitting on one of the couches in the hostel's lounge talking about nothing to everything, or dancing at the bar near our place, called Baa Bar Black Shit (hehe funny name). I limited myself drinking only 2 glasses of beer that night since my cough had not fully disappeared. But seriously it was a wonderful time. I'm glad I met those people.

Chris left in the morning for Canada, though (he was AWESOME!), and Fabian left earlier for Australia. So in the next day (this morning) it was only Pete and me left. We spent the day visiting the Fort Canning Park, but then we split up cause he wanted to see all the historical Brittish stuff at the Battle Box inside the park, and I wanted to write my travel book.

And soon I'll be leaving for Bangkok, too. About an hour from now I gotta get my rucksack and take the MRT to the airport.

So in the end, Singapore is not that bad afterall. You just gotta need to find the right companions.


  1. mumpung net cepet tak comment kabeh.hahahha..

    Baguslah jadi ngobati trakir kau ke SGP yang nga bisa kemana2

    Hv fun.. n be safe.

  2. You're pretty awesome yourself.

  3. Chris,

    glad to hear from you! and glad you think the same. ;)