And the Travel Begins..

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Day 1. Jakarta.

My flight was delayed. I gotta wait in the new Juanda airport Surabaya for hours... but hey... since it's new and oh so luxurious, I had quite a good time browsing around.

Arriving in Jakarta, I called Cynthia, my sister. She suggested me to meet her from the airport at Grand Indonesia and asked me to take a bus to Blok M.
Well it was the rush hour and I spent 2 hours on the bus! And it appeared that it didn't stop at Bundaran HI, so I thought I'd just go on to Blok M.
So in the end, I didn't meet Cynthia at all, but I found a garage sale on the sports station. Bought a really cool 2-piece swimwear for Rp 83,600. There were some others of Rp 50,000 (freakin cheap for Speedo!) but I liked the colours on this 2 pieces best!

After that I called Sam and we met up. We had a reasonably nice dinner in a restaurant called YaUdah on Jalan Jaksa, then Tony, one of the other EF teachers joined us. We then went to Absoluut bar and there we met the other teachers! Alah. It was a great fun, though. I just had a big bottle of Heineken and no more. My throat was (is) still fucked up.

Day 2. Jakarta-Singapore

Woke up early this morning and took a Damri bus from Gambir to the airport.

On the plane, I sat next to a preacher and his wife, and we were having a good talk (not about religion, just about traveling in general). They gave me good advices when taking the ferry to Singapore and even how to haggle a taxi. So in the end, I was so much helped with Mr. Pardede's help in getting me the taxi.

4:00 pm, in Singapore. I took the MRT to Little India, and stayed at the CrowdsInn where Brian, a fellow traveler, used to stay.
It's kinda expensive for a hostel standard, but hey, it's Singapore. And with these free 30 min internet facility, hot shower and aircon-ed room... I got nothing to complain. :)

Till later,


  1. jangan lupa dicatet tips-tipsnya buat petawisata ya 'laaaaaaa......

  2. kamu ama nyo ngomongnya sama aja. pyor juga.

    ya kalo aku sempat dan mood nulis panjang2 sih yaaaaa. :D otherwise, check this blog too. might have some tips.