Bad Ending

Mood: Fucked up but grateful

I don't understand it.

Usually if you started a vacation with good things happening, it'd tend to be good till the end, right?

Well, I had a seriously AWESOME time in the beginning of my travel until I got in Krabi.Krabi is a wonderful place, heavily touristy and way too expensive for Thailand standard, but it's got the most amazing huge rocks I've ever seen.

But then again, I had a really hard time when I was there.

Let's start it with losing my flip-flops at the beach. Yeah, FLIP-FLOPS. Broken ones. Yet, somebody stole them, along with a travel mate's shoes.
Marvin got really upset when he found it out. We had to ride the motorcycle with bare feet to our bungalow. And guess what I found out once we reached it.


It got me down and FURIOUS and fucked up the whole evening. I had all these craps to do:

  • Emptied (I mean literally emptied!) my bank account and booked a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur in the morning (or otherwise worse thing would come up --> Missing my flight back home, that was!)
  • Went to the Tourist Police and reported it. And asked him for a solution how I should cancel my credit card cause I hardly had any money! I couldn't even afford to buy an international phone card (I only had 140 baht). So.. well, this may have been a rare thing to hear from a Thai Tourist Police, but Mr. Nui (the police officer) gave me 200 baht to buy the international calling card! Thank you sooo much, Mr. Nui! He also offered me to have my dinner at the police station (cause I clearly couldn't afford to buy myself a dinner). I had to reject that for I badly needed to call Citibank to block my credit card. ASAP!
  • I bought the calling card and called Citibank. As usual, it took so long to get to the officer, but when it did, I asked him to block my card permanently, and I checked, too, if any transaction had been made between 12 May till 27 May. And as expected, YEZ! A transaction had been made. 770 Baht. I didn't exactly know if I should be grateful or sad about it. Yes, I lost 770 Baht, but I actually thought I would lose 15,000 Baht or something. But hey, losing is losing. And cause I didn't have my card with me, I practically was the poorest tourist in Krabi.

Marvin insisted to buy me a dinner, but I refused it nicely. I lost my appetite. All of it. I sold my phone card to him, though (it still got 180 Baht credit in it), and he gave me 300 Baht. Thanks soooo much, Marv. That way, I could survive on my journey back to KL.

Good thing above all that was this morning, I could get to the Western Union and claimed for some amount of money Mark Mulder sent me to help me survive until I'm safe and sound back in Indonesia.

So in short, I was so pissed off in the end of my holiday in Thailand cause this had to happen. But in another sense, I was grateful I found such nice people around me who were willing to help when I needed it the most.

Now to survive for a month in Indonesia until I get my next salary............... :-S


Lend your shoulders when I'm home, mates. I'll need to wet them up with my tears.


  1. But you will have a nice gift waiting for you at home, I think.

  2. I'm very sorry for your loss, Carla... :-(
    Didn't expect the holiday to end this way... Hey, but you SURE ARE lucky to have great friends and great people around you to help!!!!

    Friends in need ARE friends indeed... I wish I had those kinds of friends ^___^

  3. thanks, guys. I really appreciate your concern. Ellaaaaa... huuuu...

    Johann, what did you send me?! Curious curious...

  4. Tagihan utang kali la :D
    Ikut berduka cita