Surviving in Chiang Mai

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I've been having a great time in Chiang Mai. This city is absolutely lovely. I went with Ana, the Spanish girl who stayed next to my room, to Doi Suthep temple on the hill. We rented a motorcycle and rode it up there to take some pictures (she has a great camera). She can't drive a motorcycle, though, I had to take control of it all the time. It was fine, as long as I still can cut cost and have fun at the same time.

The temple was okay. But I've never been too interested in historical thing anyway. We met some cute little girls in Thai hill-tribe traditional costumes, though, and I think I quite like the pictures I made. Maybe I shouldn't go to those villages after all.

We had a really nice evening. With the other girls from the guesthouse (Heather and Mira) we went to the Sunday Market, which is held every Sunday by closing most of the main streets in the central Chiang Mai area and people erect stands of souvenirs, food, clothes, even massage services! They had some relaxing chairs in the corner of the roads and people who would like to have a massage can sit there and relieve some stress.

It was amazing and I was so much drawn into it. I was tempted to buy those cute little stuff there for a million times, but every time the want kicked I had to remind myself that my vacation hadn't ended yet and I still needed to be careful with my money flow. (bummer)

Anyway... my previous plan was to go to Pai, another neighbouring old village about 4 hours from Chiang Mai, for 2 days. But now it's already Monday morning, and I have to leave for Bangkok on Thursday morning, I don't think it's that wise to go. I was thinking that actually if I went to Pai, I would get the feeling of a great farm life with only 50 Baht a night (which saves quite a lot) and a completely different view to see. But then again, I'm too lazy to have 2 moving days (Monday and Wednesday), and only 1 real day in Pai. So.. last night I already decided to just stay here until I have to fly back to Bangkok. But this guest house problem needed to be solved.

I asked the weird owner of the Kent's Guest House if I could get a discount for staying there for a week till Thursday and he said no. So I told him I'd check out. I mean 150 Baht is pretty cheap, but I'm sure I can get less with more or less the same facilities somewhere. Then I can get 50 Baht more each day that I can relocate for some other useful things.
I did and when I walked out to the place where I rented the motorcycle to return it, I just had this idea to just ask away to the staff there if they knew some place that cost 100 Baht.
Of course they knew it. They're local. I got to check the room and it was even bigger than the room I had at Kent's guest house, though probably not that appealing. But it's basic and clean and that's just all I need. I don't stay too much at the guest house anyway.

So there... I'm kinda relieved now.

Gonna have breakfast now then go to Chiang Mai zoo, take loads of pics, and read my book at the Fitness Park.


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  1. keep on posting your holiday journal, ok? I'm a regular reader of them, ehehehe...

    duhhh jadi kangen thailand lagi, jadi kangen travelling... but I dont think I have the guts to do it all by myself like you do...