Chiang Mai, 2nd Day.


I just rent a bicycle! For only 35 Baht. Gonna stroll around the city of Chiang Mai today and visit some art museums and crafts markets. Tomorrow gonna change that with a motorcycle and I'll go around the temples up in the hill (or is it a mountain?). Probably gonna visit one of the hill tribes near by and make cool pics.

So far Chiang Mai has been great.

I'm staying at Kent Guest House, whose owner is fucking weird, but hey, it's cheap and I've got my own bathroom! Clean, too. So nevermind. I actually went around for some other places to stay and found one for 100 Baht with 3 beds (crazy!). If only I went here with someone and shared the costs, it would be freaking cheap in here. Though it already is.

I'm really dying to do the trekking and water rafting up there, but it's sort of expensive for my budget cash at the moment. Really a BUGGER!

But hey, it's cool here. I hang out with the girls in the same guesthouse last night: Heather from England (I swear she looks so much like Hermione in Harry Potter movie) and Marene from France (she's hot and crazy). And we had a great time having dinner at a Japanese restaurant and later at a Reggae club somewhere (also visited a club that had a live hip hop music, Marene loved it, but another fellow whose name I forget, didn't. So Marene decided to stay there and he and I went to the Reggae club and met the other fellow travelers: a Dutchy boy, a Brittish girl and an American girl Hillary).

Awesome. I went back to the guesthouse at two and this morning had a hard time waking up. Got a little hangover, but it was gradually better when I had a cold shower.



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