I hate Nokia!

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My hand phone, Nokia 6030, which I bought JUST last month, is broken. It got soaked when I was posing for Pyor back in Yogya last weekend in Taman Sari Palace. Since it was still on warranty, I brought it to the Nokia Care Centre Surabaya today, hoping I could take it to Thailand with me next week.

Fact #1: The warranty doesn't include when they find dampness, extreme heat reason, virus, etc (most of the reasons why a cellphone broke). That means I should pay for the service, which is Rp 200,000 + spare part (if any) of at least Rp 100,000. (What's the use of warranty then?) I remember my ex-boss at CDU, Hanny Westrik once soaked her cellphone (her fault) and she got everything covered by the phone company. But hey yeah... I'm a kinda loyal person, so rather than finding another phone, I'll just stick to this one.

Fact #2: They'll finish examining it in 5 days. Which means I'll be already in Singapore by then. So no cell when I'm on vacation. Not that I mind it that much.

Fact #3: There's a possibility that when examining it, the phone can break down completely (no more usage) and Nokia will not be responsible of it. They'll free me from any charges, but they will not get the phone to the state when it was first brought there, which still works a little bit. The faults are in the charger connector and the inability of the phone to detect the SIM card (sometimes).

Fact #4: Nokia sucks a lot!


  1. valens10:18 am

    Nokia... smart phone for stupid people :p yang mau protes silahkan hihihi...

  2. Len b-(

    La, aku jg pake 6030 n baru kecemolung jg. Masih garansi juga. Tapi bedanya I nga ke NPC. cukup bayar 25 rb untuk bershin smua dlm2 e, disikat2 gitu pake obat. Beres!! Nga sampe 15 menit.Buka garansi sih tp mau apa lg, kecemplung nga termask dlm garansi emang e.

    Hehe... mgkn jd mskan aja, kalo hp mu kecemplung "again" nga usa ke yang resmi2...ribet!

  3. oya??? aku takut apa2nya dirusak seh, makanya ke yg resmi2 gitu. ternyata sederhana aja ya pemecahannya. sebel. ya wes, nanti lak wes pulang dr thailand aku benerin di tempat biasa aja.

    thanks masukannya, nyo.