Grateful for Going Back to Hometown

Day 13 of 365 grateful days project.

"I'm grateful for being in Surabaya for my Mum's birthday (Wednesday)."

It has been a while since go back to my hometown. I remember the last one being in July last year. And this time of the year is perfect to be back home with Mum and family. I needed a break from the routines and the usual look of my working space. Yes, I know I was on a short vacation with boyfriend last weekend, but I'm in need of more and more changes. And it's so good to see my mother, brother and niece again! All the loudness, all the expressive laughs, all the yelling and swearing; THAT is Surabaya, my friends.

As soon as I saw Michelle opening the gate of the house for me, gone away all the stress I've carried from the projects. As soon as I got my mom to kiss me, gone away all the annoyed feelings I had on the plane on the way here. I haven't told you? I was flying with the SMALLEST aircraft I've ever been, which took twice the time to fly from Denpasar to Surabaya, and there was this 5-year-old girl who kept crying at the airplane whom I was desiring to KILL! I also wanted to kick her parents (mother, especially) who thought that talking about POOP $ was what was going to comfort the child. Damn.

But it's all forgotten now. Yes, I'm still working hard while in Surabaya. My brother gives me his modem to work to make me stay longer here. But I'm working with a good feeling. 

So yes, it's good to be home. :)


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