Grateful for Being Back Home

Day 7 of 365 grateful days project.

"I'm grateful for being back home; to my normal bed, to the TV, to Mc Donald's, and to snuggling with the kitty."

Don't get me wrong. Menjangan was awesome. I've seen one of the best sea gardens, my first school of fish, several blue starfish, some tiny clown fish, a sea cucumber (great colours but feels weird to touch) and other fishes I could normally see only on National Geographic or Animal Planet. 

And on the land, I saw a beautiful stag; which sparked a debate between me and Vincent as he insisted that the term deer was only to describe the female one. I told him that I believed that "deer" was a neutral term; with doe as the female deer and stag as the male one. But of course, being us, this debate was dragged into half an hour one with Vincent googling on his iPhone as we were posing in front of the Ganesh statue. 
And it appeared that in French there are two terms only: the male deer (referred to stag in English) and the female deer (referred to deer in English, instead of doe).

Back to the main point of this post, it feels good to be home. No matter how nice it is the place you are visiting, nothing is nicer to be in the very place you are most comfortable being in, the one that you call home.


  1. Anonymous5:58 pm

    You have no neutral genre in french.

    Le cerf is the male, la biche is the female.

  2. yes that's what he said and that's why he kept insisting that the term deer is only for the female one. but in english, deer is neutreal. stag is a male deer, and doe is a female deer.