Grateful for Scotty McCreery's Winning the American Idol 10

Day 11 of 365 grateful days project.

"I'm grateful that Scotty McCreery wins the American Idol Season 10."

Okay, he was not the first contestant I wanted to win badly. But he was one of my favorites. I still wished Casey had won the whole thing, or Haley. But hey, this is an idol contest. Not everyone has the same taste and not everyone understands and appreciates their music. Still, all in all, I think this season has the best contestants ever. They are very different and they stand out in what they do. I really enjoyed watching every American Idol show this year. And I was not alone watching it. Vincent never missed a show either! He'd go back home early from work so that he could watch it in time. And he was proud that Scotty won. He already liked him since they just arrived in Hollywood. :)

Anyway, well done, Scotty!


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