Grateful for Seeing My Mother's Surprised Face

Day 14 of 365 grateful days project.

"I'm grateful for seeing my mother's surprised face as I went home from Carrefour with Michelle bringing an electric oven as her birthday gift."

Her jaw literally dropped.

Her own traditional oven had been broken a long time ago. She never said she wanted an oven but I could tell from the look of her face when she was staying at my place last year that she'd like to have one. But being as she is, she'll never ask you that. So Vincent and I agreed to buy her this electric oven, I think even better than mine, as her birthday present. I know that her birthday is tomorrow but I want the oven to be used tomorrow on her birthday.

I took Michelle to Carrefour to buy it and she asked me, "This oven is from me too, right, Tante Carla? I don't have money to buy Grandma anything."

I laughed and said yes. "You can tell Oma that the oven is from Tante Carla, Om Vincent and you."

Last year she had a piggy bank which she diligently filled every time she had coins. On my mum's birthday last year, she gave her the full piggy bank. She's such a sweet kid. :)


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