Grateful for Having Decided to Travel to Borneo in December

Day 50 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for having decided to travel to Borneo this December."

After sulking for a few days because again, this year I'm not going to spend Christmas with Vincent, I came up with a positive side of the whole thing: that at least I didn't know it last minute. One of my last year's resolution was to travel more this year, with or without Vincent. And I have completed that by going to Menjangan Island in the north west of Bali and diving in Amed for my birthday. They were super nice and each was a new experience. But there's nothing that could beat the thrill to get out of the paradise island and explore a whole new place with totally different views. So Garuda Indonesia was on promo on all domestic flights and I spent the whole evening to find a cheap ticket somewhere....

That's right. I had no idea where I should go. I wanted to go to the eastern parts of Indonesia but the flying cost was still way more expensive than if I take a flight to Singapore, for example. Leave alone the accommodation and the living costs. :P So when I saw that flights to Balikpapan were discounted like crazy cheap, I booked a return ticket there in December. Yay!

I'll be alone traveling there and that's fine with me (though perhaps not with Vincent). But that really can't bother my excitement for December.

Now, I need to work hard to save for my trip. Yahooo!!!


  1. Yay! Sounds super exciting! I've never been to Borneo, so curious! Take loads of pics please! :)

  2. I sure will. Thanks, Eva! :)