Grateful for My Red Hair

Day 44 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for my newly dyed red hair."

Not that new. It has been 2 weeks that I had my hair dyed. Before the 18th of October, I was a hair dye virgin! I chose the brightest red, which made some people in the beauty salon raise their eyebrow, but to me, why colour your hair at all if you'll be unable to see the difference? I asked for a highlight instead of full dye (only Rp 50,000 difference in cost which actually tempted me to have it fully dyed) but it was my first and I'd like to see if I would be comfortable with hair colour other than black.

I was actually very happy with the result! In fact, I feel more comfortable now with simply tying my hair messily because it'll look good anyway with the red highlight. This photo below was taken right after I got my hair dyed. Nicely combed and styled. But really, I like it more messy with simple round hair rubber tying my long hair.

I'm actually thinking to have my hair cut a little short now, or style it differently than this boring bob.


  1. Looking great Carla! Red suits you very well!

  2. :) thank you, eva! i'm thinking to have it fully dyed once this one wears off.

  3. I also dyed my hair bright red the first time. the second time it was dark brown. then I've stopped.

  4. Hi Triesti, thanks for dropping by. How did you like the dark brown?