Grateful that Vincent is Wearing My Ring Now

Day 40 of 365 Grateful Days Project:

"I'm grateful that Vincent is wearing my ring now."

It's not gold, leave alone platinum. It has no diamond like the ring he gave me. But I gave it with all my heart. 3 years ago he gave me this nice ring - or two rings I must say, because they're supposed to be worn together - as, I don't know, a way to express his commitment in this relationship? Only this year when we celebrated our third year anniversary in Menjangan island, I thought of giving this silver ring as the anniv gift.

It does have a deeper meaning for me, though. I'd never in my life given any guy a ring, or any type of jewelry in that matter. And let me tell you a secret, I did almost propose him. :-O But it didn't happen because when he wanted to put on the ring, it immediately fell off his finger because it was like 3 sizes too big! So, I went through the horrible anxious moment of wanting to propose, but all fell through in one second the ring jumped out of his finger. Moment's lost and I doubt it will ever happen again.

I still love the fact that he's wearing it every day, though. That strangely fulfills me in a way.


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