Blog Addiction

Have you ever had a diary? I did, but it never lasted long enough that it went full. I personally dislike the traditional writing (a pen or pencil scratched on a piece of paper) but since I was introduced to use a computer, I decided that I did not mind typing.

I've still kept some of the mini diaries I had in my childhood. Once in a while, like really in a while, when I needed to reorganise my room, I found those memorable books and read them (there were probably less than ten pages were written). They brought me laughs and giggles and smiles and frowns and cries all over to step back a couple of years before and remember the times I spent. It was certainly a fine moment to compare the used-to-be me and the present me. A fine moment to see the journey of my life more thoroughly. A fine moment to reconsider the whole perspective of past, present and future.

Undoubtedly having a diary has many advantages for ourselves. The only thing that kept me away from it was just that I had to write.

Two years ago, I was into making a website and was asking Denni about some HTML functions and uses. He then introduced me to blogger and suggested me to learn little by little from making an easy webpage of myself there.
Time went by and I found myself keep typing my activities in my blog. There were such many ups and downs in telling my life in the blog cause no one read it. But once Coolz introduced her blog, it was booming in my website office and almost everybody decided to own a blog of itself.

It didn't stop there for blogger had added a few more useful user-friendly tools such as the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) view in the post section, a random toolbar to browse other blogs, more new page designs and the comments facility (these were not provided two years ago). Especially the comments feature, it draws more and more internet users to sign up for a blog, which makes blogging more interactive and fun, knowing that our blogs are read.

Rina, my bestfriend, has always been busy with her work and hardly spends her time for herself. It is just like in the weekends she and I hang out together in a mall or cafe and share stories and gossips.. but I believe it was not quite enough for her that I started to be a blog salesgirl.
She signed up, after me suggesting her for ages to make one, at another similar blog service. That is of course more than fine cause it does not matter where you write your story, right? It took her only two days to get addicted in writing and writing (or I should say typing and typing) every night and this morning she told me she couldn't stop doing it. It relieves her in a way to let some of her burdens out of her head for a while, when she can't find anyone near to tell her mind to. That is in fact very very true.

Comments in our blog are just what we most appreciate. But sometimes we miss checking them out for the comments are for the old posts that we hardly check or look back. saw this and launched a nice feature of the comments notification, right to your personal email. So if you have not been aware of this advantage, check this out and apply it in your personal blog. It's useful.. trust me.
  1. Visit the Settings section on your blog;
  2. Choose the Comments button;
  3. Set who can comment in your blog: anyone is allowing a blog user or non blog user to comment on your posts as an anonymous;
  4. Right in the Comments Notification address, type your email address to where you want your notification be sent whenever someone drops a comment for you.
Happy Blogging! :)


  1.'re so right, dear friend. I've fallen in love with this
    blog thing. I just can't stop thinking of what I'm going to write,
    though I hardly have time to sit back and type Thanks for introducing me
    to this new world.

  2. yeah, i always read the comments i get in my blog via my gmail. we can even write new post from that very own address. if that email address have a wap address, you can even write ur blog via GPRS. Hhh, don't you just looove technology :)

  3. SWM dude wants to date you.