Not a Goodbye, Coolz

Coolz wrote testimonials for every member of Excellogix office. I'm thinking to return the favour.

Today is the last day Coolz worked in our website office. She accepted a copywriter job in Jakarta a few weeks ago and will be leaving for it next week. That's a very promising future prospect; thus she did not turn it down for her self-improvement sake. The job definitely suits her talent and academic background. She would be a complete fool if she decided to not take it.

However, she has seemed a bit moody and not comfortable lately, in my eyes, though she was trying to cover it with smiles and laughs. You can complain to me if I'm wrong, Coolz.
I suspected that it was because of her leave, which understandably is pretty hard to do for she had been working here for four years, first job of her life, started when she was still studying at the university. I can imagine her reluctance to leave the city that has been her home for her whole life, friends who know her too well and whom she's known for so long, family she loves... I really understand the mood swing.

But Coolz, Jakarta is only an hour flight away from here. With the so very competitive airplane rates we have had, the distance should not be a problem, right? The real person-to-person interaction will not be as frequent, but you'll be online everyday anyway... So we won't lose contact, right? :)

It's not a goodbye, my friend. It's just a temporary absence of each other's presence.. until we meet again.

Good luck.


  1. Yes, I admit I was very moody the last couple of days... -_________- I guess I am just afraid of being lonely and feeling uncomfortable in my new invironment (besides the fact that there will be no tv, dvd, cable, or 24 hours chat connection). But I'm sure we will meet again, if you're not too busy teaching ;) hehehe...

    Some friendship does last forever. I hope ours does.
    Thx >:D<

  2. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Me? Too busy chatting? Hohohohohoho.. No way.. Besides, when I'm still working at Excellogix there is no way I can't chat or get connected into internet and communicate with you. Don't worry, sis.

  3. rrr... i said "too busy teaching"(read again).

    and...hmm, why use anonymous ID again?

  4. Yaya.. I meant busy teaching. And bout the anonymous thingie.. that's the result of a clumsiness you see... I didn't bother checking the options: Posting as Anonymous or Carla. Ekkk.. gotta improve that.