My New Digital Camera

I finally made up my mind to have a new digital camera. I bought a Canon Power Shot A75 cause:

1. I've dreamt to own an exclusive digital camera to satisfy my photography hobby, preferably SLR or semi pro camera, to save my money from spending it too much on films, developing and printing. But it's just too expensive for my standard.. so I decided to be thankful enough if I can just have a pocket one. It includes manual functions anyway.
2. I'm buying it with a credit card that serves an easy pay system, which allows me to pay it in installments for 12 months, with 0% interest. Seriously, it's a very good offer and I won't even feel like losing a big amount of money.

The camera arrived yesterday and I've made a few shots with it as soon as I got home at night. I can tell I'm pretty happy with the results. :D

*jumping and dancing around with a new camera in my hand*

A macro of water colour paints

A macro of the monkey doll on the telephone.

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