Human: Dumb and Dumberer

Sometimes I do think that my dogs are much smarter than this ought-to-be-cleverest-species on earth: human.

Zwartje, my black black dog, once was waiting for me to finish eating so that he could get the bone of the chicken I was consuming later. His mouth normally waters when he sees food, and he's had enough yells and shouts from us in his previous months of age indicating that it was not at all the manner we expected from our dogs. He learnt pretty fast. So instead of facing us while we're eating, he sits nearby and has his face looking at something else to distract his attention from the food. He knows we give the bone anyway when we're done eating. That day, after getting one bone from me, he switched place to the sofa and laid comfortably there, letting my dalmation dog, Kabuki, wait for the bone from my brother. Zwartje didn't even bother to bet on the impossible chance of getting double bones, for he knew that he already had his part. Can you measure his intelligence then?

So let me introduce this guy, a young man with a bright brain and charming manner that I fell in love with. After some stunning intensed mind-blowing dates we had for half a year, he had to depart to his home country and we suddenly had to face a distance problem. It took two months after our last meeting when he admitted that he happened to get attracted to another girl. So he dumped me, unmercily, saying: "Hey.. I thought I needed to tell you this.. I happened to meet a girl and something happened......." .
I was super mad and grieving for him but there was nothing I could do with these big big oceans separating us. I tried to forget him but it didn't work. One and a month later, he came back communicating with me over internet, giving me a story that his fling didn't turn out to be a promising relationship (though he was not expecting it to, either) and flirting with me again. I was still in love and though I tried hard to resist at first, I just couldn't deny that he was the one that I wanted.. So I accepted him back in my life, though no promises involved, and I only counted on the magical communication technology of internet to maintain our whatever-ship. It worked for nine or ten months until he did the same thing again with the same template: "Well you know.. I met this girl and something unexpected happened." Then I had the second severe broken heart with the same guy and yet when I refused to stop all contacts, he successfully convinced me that he couldn't lose me by giving me a crap of "You mean a shitload to me" and a convincing sad face over webcam showing that he meant it. Can you measure my intelligence?

We chatted again not long ago.. exchanging best wishes for the coming year blah blah.. He saw me making this wallpaper of myself on Deviantart and told me he liked it a lot and that he also had made a desktop as well. Before knowing what desktop he made, he sent this file and explained later on after I received it that it was his girlfriend as the model.
Ok, let's get serious here. Though I had a blast at the recent New Year's party with some yummy-looking guys, though I felt I was sort of free to start some fun doing activities with the opposite sex again, though I've convinced myself that I'm still very attractive in men's eyes, he didn't really think I was already over him COMPLETELY after a relatively short-period hit he bugged me a few months ago, did he?!?! What did he think my heart was made of? Stone? He knew what I felt for him was not that common girl-to-boy crush. He knew that I, though accepting his I-cannot-lose-you statement, always have avoided the talk about girlfriends, boyfriends, partners or whatsoever relationship-alike! And now he was generously showing off his girlfriend?! He's either sick or just sadly insensitive of this feelings matter! But I know that I can measure his intelligence!

Ironically, it is me who has the lowest intelligence.


  1. one word for him my friend, BITCH! hehehe...

  2. Jerk. Son of a bitch. Bastard. Asshole. Motherfucker.

  3. Just get over him, girl. I know it seems better said than done, but try to think the bad sides...and you'll know that you're too precious to end up with him.