Hanamasa Hang Out

Last Saturday was nice. Went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant with the coffee-breakers.

Coffee breakers is the name Anton gave for the people at my website office who always have a coffee break at three in the afternoon. They are Justine, Coolz, Yendy, Anton and myself. It started several months ago when I often felt sleepy around that time and needed some coffee to refresh myself. I used to contact Jus if she wanted to accompany me drinking coffee. Anton used to have no lunch and drink coffee instead at 12. But he changed his old habit cause the temptation for eating lunch at Excellogix was really unbearable (told you this office can make you fat. What we do here is just eat, sit, eat, sit, eat, sit.....). Instead he was joining us drinking coffee at 3. Coolz and Yendy followed later on. They actually already had the habit of drinking something in the afternoon -- Yendy drinking milk, Coolz tea/coffee. They just suited their time with ours so that the five of us could also do the chatting and gossiping while sipping our cup of coffee.

At Jus' house. From left to right: Anton, Coolz, me, Justine and Yendy.

I'd never been to Hanamasa. My first impression was not bad. They have everything.. from salad (VERY delicious one), all the shabu-shabu and teriyaki, roasted lamb/oyster/crab etc etc, milk, coffee, tea, juices to some list of desert.. chocolate pudding, fruit salad and ice cream. G r e a t!

Frying teriyaki.

The thing is that in less than two hours we were already too full to even eat or see more food. It was certainly not cool that way. I thought I couldn't move out of my chair and my friends would have to drag me out. :D But no... it was just an awful feeling we had, me and Justine especially, but we indeed had a happy time talking, eating and cooking. I wouldn't mind going there again sometime in the future. The food was great. :P

We continued our hang out to Tunjungan Plaza, after me finding out that Andrew was not at home at 4 when he should have had his private lesson with me! In that mall Coolz played DDR and Yendy and I mini basketball at the game station. We also took some pictures at the photobooth (silly ones) then marched to Sogo to find out that they actually had a big sale at the lingeries section!!! I really fell in love with most items of Women's Secret (40% discount, yeaahh!!!) but after a long thought I decided to postpone buying it until after 12 this month. Yet, we spent so much time there craving and digging for sexy and cool lingeries, forgetting that we had two men waiting for us, standing pretty isolated from the discounted items box!!! Hehehe.. Soo.. sorry, Anton and Yendy. It was quite irresistable to not be a shopping crazed when there was a too good offer like that.



  1. huehehehe... i guess the guys must did'nt understand why we were so crazy about that disc lingerie and stuff... this saturday I'll be back to TP with my friend, maybe :D

    It was nice @ Hanamasa. I had a great time. Thx.

  2. It was nice indeed, Coolz. :) Thanks for the treat. And sistah.. it's not a farewell, huh. I'm sure we'll spend some time in the future though you're moving to Jakarta. We're still in the same country anyway. :) You'll still be online much, right?

    I'm gonna be back this weekend to buy those lingeries I wanted.