Pass this Letter..

When I was still in school, I used to find it amusing to exchange short messages to a friend in the same class. That was especially when the lesson was super boring and the teacher could only produce a monotonous speech.
I remember that sometimes we got caught and we were asked to read it aloud for the whole class (imagine the blushes for having our little secret revealed). Yet, it didn't stop us to keep writing for the sake of the boredom killing.

Now that I am a teacher (not that I ever dreamt to be), I happened to see the same thing to my elementary students (of grade 2) this morning.

emang ini sahabat sejati tapi kok kamu siwak melinda dia kan sahabat sejati kamu catrin
[indeed true friends but why do you break your friendship with melinda she's your true friend, right, catrin]

dia yang nyiwak aku
[she broke it]

masak melinda yang nyiwak kamu jelasin supaya aku ngerti
[was it really melinda that did it explain so that I understand]

sekarang aku sudah gak bisa jawab lagi
[I can't answer anymore]

Jadi kamu bolo aku
melinda dia sudah minta maaf kok
[So you are in my side now
melinda she already apologised]

iya sekarang aku bolo kamu
[yes I'm in your side now]

Tapi aku enggak tau dengan Jennifer C. Waktu itu melinda dipengaruin sama M. Jennifer pas aku disiwak M. Jennifer.
[But I don't know with Jennifer C. At that time melinda was influenced by M. Jennifer when I had a problem with M. Jennifer]

aku sih gak tau gimana dengan Jennifer C.
[I don't know how it is with Jennifer C.]

It stopped right there cause I took the paper.
Sorry to ruin your fun activity, girls. I just wanted to make sure none of my students played around when I was in the class (now I'm acting like a real boring teacher). But at least I didn't punish you or ask you to read that aloud, did I? Be thankful! Hehe..

How I miss those old times.


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