Fun Road Trip

Last weekend was awesome. I went for a road trip around East Java with two of my workmates, Justine and Yendy, and many of other people of Jus' boyfriend's friends. Ekk.. I hate when I have to explain that. Anyway let's start it with Thursday night.

I felt really sick that evening. My eyes hurt as hell, I suspect that I was getting it from the whole tiring day and staring at the computer screen too long, and it really fucked my nerves up that I couldn't even sleep in whatever position. My head span like really hard and I kept feeling awful. Jon took me to Justine's house then to stay the night there. She gave me some vitamin and massaged my head and areas around the eyes. She also pampered me with a pair of cooling eyeblinds (is it the right term?) so after a while, I felt better. Nevertheless, I decided to really reconsider in taking the road trip the next morning. If I was better, it would be okay, but if not, I'd just simply cancel it, for the sake of the blemish I had.

The eyes were willing to compromise the next morning. We were picked up late by Yudi, whose name I was able to remember a few hours after (damn I was so really slow in remembering names!). It was just a moment after I perched my fat ass on the cozy seat of his car, when Justine announced that there were two mommies of the other fellow travellers who were going to join us. I groaned and was seriously thinking that the trip would suck. But hey, what could I possibly do there when we were heading for it?

There were 15 people who would do the journey, including the mommies (seriously, you should not expect me to remember the names at that very time). And it did not take so long to find out that they drove like a madman on the highway! But let's make it short and get into the details of the places we visited:

Day 1: Tanjung Papuma (the Cave of Papuma). This place is near Watu Ulo beach, which I never understand why it is so wellknown. It is just a few hundreds metre and successfully stunned us with its oh-so-natural beauty and cleanliness. The shore makes a few cool lines and patterns of different blue colours and there were some big rocks in the middle of the water that stand proudly and lonely. I definitely liked the view!

Tanjung Papuma.

Tanjung Papuma

Day 2: We stayed in a hotel called Margo Utomo Agro Resort in Kalibaru (I swear it was the first time I knew there was a city named Kalibaru in East Java), which is surrounded by beautiful fresh green hills. I didn't get myself into the pool for my disability in swimming, but I could imagine it would be just sooo... cool to swim there with a natural view around me. How I wish I could swim!!! *sob hard* Well anyway, the hotel was just perfect, the weather was perfect, the view was perfect and I'm perfectly sure I'd like to stay a few nights in that same hotel again! With a boyfriend, if possible. Hehehehe.. I just gotta find one.
After lazying around in the hotel until midday, we were on the road again directing Baluran National Conservative, that is supposed to have a wide variety of tropical animals and plants. I expected to see some leopards and other wild animals, but it was just not the right time of the year to see them around in the open field. We went through the woods, then the evergreen forest, coming toward a h u g e savannah where it rained for a while, producing an extraordinary absolute way to the heaven: RAINBOW. Hey, it was not the first time I saw a rainbow, but it was the very first time I saw both ends of the rainbow, thanks to the savannah! Gorgeous!
We continued our journey following the path and arrived at a white sandy beach with calm shallow water that was sooo.. perfect for a swim beginner like me! Too bad I didn't bring my swimmingsuit. :( But I was pretty happy I could take the pics of the monkeys who were playing around in the swamp in the beach. They seemed naughty, as they attacked one of the mommies, but I just so loved the baby monkey I found. It was really really cute.

Day 3: We stayed in a hotel called Sidomuncul in Pasir Putih beach. This hotel is equipped with an airconditioner and TV but trust me, it's not even half more satisfying than the hotel we stayed the previous night in Kalibaru. But taking the advantage of the facility, I watched the Fear Factor show and the audition of American idols till midnight. That made me unactive the next morning, when all of the people wanted to play in the beach at 6 o'clock. Instead I was just sleeping in my not-really-cozy bed, enjoying my time. Pasir Putih never takes me into a deep interest at the first place, anyway. Though it brought some protests from the other members of the trip, I simply felt I needed to say: Well, I'm on vacation. I have the right to enjoy myself in anyway I can and want.
I must sound pretty self-centered, but waking up at 6 o'clock on my holiday? Puhh-leeea-ssee!

We packed our things at 11, heading for Madakaripura waterfall on our way back home. Of all waterfalls I've ever seen and visited, this one is the most breath-taking. It was not a very long walk from where we parked our cars, but we really had to hire some guides. I absolutely could accept that -- having some guides with us, that is -- for when it got nearer to the main waterfall, we had to pass through some other smaller waterfalls with very slippery rocks welcoming us. The guides showed us which way was the safest and suggested that we should take an umbrella with us, which they rented for a thousand rupiah each. It was proven to be very useful for the other people, but useless for me and Yendy. We were both all wet when we arrived at the main waterfall.

Madakaripura Waterfall.

Madakaripura waterfall was simply the most unbelievably extremely beautiful and satisfying place we visited during the trip (according to me). It was like we were in the very end of a big water jug, and there was this big amount of water falling from the sky. Nature never fails to fascinate me.

We stopped at a small but very crowded seafood warung in Pandaan for dinner. It was the place where we said goodbye to each other. I really enjoyed this road trip. The people might vary in personalities and appearances, but they were certainly fun to be with (for a short time, I guess). I can't even recall when the last time I had a great laugh like I did when I was with them. Justine's boyfriend and his loyal partner, Jien, are definitely crazy and funny and good entertainers. I blessed every minute I spent with them.

Oh well.. I'm happy. I'm tired. I'm sleepy. I'm satisfied.
My battery has been recharged.
Thanks, Jus. :-)


  1. Hi,
    I had a great time too ^_^
    U're welcome. Glad u enjoy it...

  2. Wow!

    That was beautiful....wish I could have been there.

  3. wow! I like the photo of Tanjung Papuma. who took it? jus? very nice!
    I'm sure u guys had a lot of fun :)

    Anyway...hopefully I can join on your next trips -___-

  4. Hey coolz, we used Jus' camera. But various people took the pictures. :)

  5. Hello, Carla. I glad find this blog, because I can see Tanjung Papuma