She can sit!!!

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes we are on top of the world and full of positivities -- a heavenly gift for our most-of-the-time-dull life; sometimes we are thrown hard to the bottom, weeping and getting desperate. One day we are happy to greet a new born family member, the other day we suffer for losing someone we love. Today we get excited for witnessing a brand new fact we never have expected before, tomorrow we're puzzled by a tricky something that occurs in our life.

Let's talk about the positivity now.

Today seems to be a bright good day for me -- feeling the sun's shining cheerfully all over and surrounding me -- [please note: the fact is that it's been cloudy and raining almost the whole day] but you know how good mood can make a miracle and blur our vision, right?

It started yesterday when I arrived home, late as usual, tired and messed up. I found Michelle, my six-month-old niece, laying on the mattrass near our TV. I clapped my hands to her and she laughed gleefully. It was soo... nice to hear her laugh. My mother said that she had been sick (my sister is, and she gave the flu to her baby) and was not laughing at all since she arrived at my house earlier. It certainly faded my being gloomy for working the whole 12 hours yesterday. Her laugh was contagious.

I played with her for an hour when I found out that she could finally sit without us having to hold her! We still have to sit her from the sleeping position, though.. but her back is already strong enough to support her whole self. I couldn't stop being amazed to learn this fact.

Sister and Michelle...

Babies are wonderful. I stated again, jokingly, that I would also want to have a baby like Michelle for myself, but my mother warned me directly: "In a marriage, Carla!"
Hehehe.. she knows very well I won't do it in the near future, not even sure I'll do it someday. *giggle*


I've got 4 emails today. Yipppeee!!!
It must be weird, but I really love to hear the sound of my Yahoo Messenger when it tells that I've got mail.

Today the sound was even more beautiful. I received a mail from an ex-colleague offering me something (no, no, I'm not gonna tell you or it may not happen. Superstitious, yeah.. but I just don't want to ruin it. Probably already have cause I already told two persons about it but hoping it'll still work. Girls, if you read this, help me not to spread it, ok? hehehe). It was most unexpected and shocking and certainly made my day. I was very surprised that my hands kept shaking and failed to encourage myself to answer the email directly to even type YES to his offer.

I will do it soon. Certainly have to.


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