Grateful for Having a Quiet Night

Day 22 or 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for having a quiet night that Mouche is staying the night at the vet's."

These past two days have been like hell for us. The normally quiet kitty suddenly gets crazy loud. See the detail here. So we called a vet and our guess appeared to be correct. Mouche has come to a puberty age. It's funny how I really can't see the difference in her size. She doesn't look like a teenage cat at all. Her head is still small and she still acts like a child.

However, she must be terrified now at the vet's clinic. We decide to have her desexed to avoid unattended baby cats and loud desperate cat-mating yell every mating season. But we hope for the best for her sex operation.
Now I can sleep soundly after 2 days hardly any sleep.


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