Grateful to be Able to Play The Sims 3 Again

Day 18 of 365 grateful days project.

"I'm grateful to be able to play The Sims 3 again."

Due to my broken nail from the Menjangan trip, I couldn't play badminton today as usual. I like playing badminton, though I suck at it (and perhaps that's why I like the sport), but it is also nice to have a break from it once in a while. Vincent was still going to the practice, while I was busy playing The Sims 3 on his new CPU.

The Sims 3The said CPU was bought without consulting me first. :P But judging from the performance, I couldn't object much about it. It's fast, it's got super graphic card that enables us to play any game we want without experiencing any lag time.

So yes, it's a pity that I don't go to the badminton exercise today, but it's great to relaxingly play The Sims 3 again. :)


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