Grateful for a Busy Saturday

Day 25 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for a busy Saturday like this."

I know that most people want relaxing Saturday after working 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday. But I like a busy weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. This Saturday, however, I am not busy working on projects. I'm busy with my personal life.

Vincent and I almost always have a badminton exercise every Saturday afternoon. Just before we go, I normally make some weekend snacks so that we have a little bit of energy before wasting it out at the court. Like the lumpia below.
But then, when we arrive home from badminton, I'm always too tired to prepare anything. So we would call Mc Donald's or Burger King for dinner, which actually nulls the whole running and jumping exercise during badminton with its super greasy food. :P Anyhoo, we still enjoy being pumped up from it.

Not long after I arrive from badminton, I get a message from Audrey inviting me to go out with her to see her friend's concert in Kuta tonight. When I told Vincent about it, he said, "It's funny because Jerome just invited me to play pool tonight." Cool! So I'll be having a girls night and him boys night.

I'm getting ready for Audrey to come pick me up at 8. Now you know why I love my busy weekends!


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