Grateful for the Time Spent with the IALF Girls

Day 19 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for the time spent with the IALF girls this afternoon."

Nupi suggested us to meet at Luthu Café in the afternoon. Her Chinese restaurant - called Fortune Cookie - just got a three star from a review from the trip advisor website - a disgrace for her excellent 5 star reviews before. In Sanur area, apparently this Luthu Café was the first in popularity so that's why she wanted to check it out.

I've been to Luthu Café before, and I liked it because of its coffee. I think the barista won a Capuccino designing competition in South East Asia (or something like that) and he always made me really cute stuff from the pouring milk. Like this one below.
The topic of the day was around cicak (English: house gecko). How Nupi hated it because she found a dead cicak in her honey jar once and ate the same honey without her knowledge that it was the same one where the cicak was drown in. Then I told them my experience with one when I accidentally drank the cicak's poop in my coffee.

It was great, as usual. We are four girls who think alike, though very, very, very different in personality. We threw jokes to each other and we LOVE gossiping about men. :) So here are the other girls.
Dian - very pregnant, due in a month
Nupi - very funky and tomboy, owner of Fortune Cookie, a nice Chinese Restaurant
Pam - you know her... one of the very weird people I know. :)


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