Grateful for the Nice Dinner in Ubud

Day 29 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for the nice dinner in Ubud."

Yes, that's rather far to have merely dinner. But it was still a good change from the usual dinner at home or dinner around Seminyak area.

Vincent and I left home at about 6 and we met with his other friends and got in the same car to Ubud. Of course they had to stop at Circle K and buy chips and beers; beers to be drunk along the way. :P I don't understand why people like drinking beer in a car. Vincent doesn't understand why people like drinking beer at all. But they can do what they want. :)

We arrived in Ubud about 1.5 hours later, at Marie's house. She prepared the most delicious guacamole (or perhaps she bought it) and I couldn't stop eating it! Well, that's also because it was already 8 o'clock and I didn't have lunch today and dinner won't happen until about 9 or 9.30. One thing I can never get used to when being with a group of Frenchs.

Then we went to Café des Artistes in downtown Ubud, which is said to be great on their grilled dishes. Eleonore wasn't happy since she was a vegetarian. Well, not a strict one, since she still ordered this meaty dish despite a small list of vegetarian foods. :P
Vegetarian Eleonore and her meaty dish
Sandrine with her baked cheese broccoli.
Nice ambience at Café des Artistes
Afterwards we went for drinks and dance around Ubud, which apparently was hard to find. First we went to this new Boom Boom place, which was not really happening, either perhaps because it was weekdays or it was just not that hip. And then we moved to a more crowded place near Boom Boom, whose name I can't remember. But it has this cozy and warm feeling inside the bar. So cozy and warm that I actually fell asleep despite the loud music!

However, it was a nice night. Yes, I wish I were smarter to wear warmer clothes instead of knee-length skirt. The weather has been very, very cool lately in Kerobokan; and even more in Ubud. But in a wrap, it was still a very good night.


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