Day 30 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for not going anywhere tonight."

It's been a busy week. A busy month, even. I go out more often than usual for lunches, dinners, alcoholic hangouts, girls gossiping moments, etc. So I decided to stay at home tonight.

I went to Gourmet Café in Seminyak Square and bought some veggies and meat for dinner tonight. I saw radishes and I remembered that Vincent said that he loved them, so I bought a pack. If your spouse tells you one specific vegetable that he likes when he doesn't normally like vegetables, remember it and buy it the soonest you've got the chance. :P

At home I prepared this Red Onion Confit with Grilled Pork Chops and Coriander and Radishes Salad. It was a hit! Vincent didn't leave any single thing on his plate. He disliked the coriander leaves, but he still had to eat them while I was there. :) I guess I'll have to post the recipe in my food blog that I haven't updated for a while. In the mean time, here's the photo of the dinner.
Grilled Pork Chop with Red Onion Confit and Coriander and Radish Salad


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