Grateful for a New Design Project

Day 16 of 365 grateful days project.

"I"m grateful for having a new design project to do from now to a couple of weeks later."

I've just got the news that my proposal to the ad print design for a PMA company in Bali is accepted. I'm terribly, terribly excited to do that! I like to work on anything visual; so photography and graphic designing are two of the things I love to do the most. Make it a business and earn from the creativity that I enjoy every second making, that's even better.

The downside of that news is that I have to go back to Bali earlier than I would have preferred. First meeting will be tomorrow on Friday (I know, such a tight schedule). Luckily, I have prepared some designs even before the proposal was agreed. But I need to do some polishing with some of them.

My mother was pouting, grumbling that she still missed me and that my trip was too short. So I had to promise that I'd come back soon. I do have to come back sooner than the last time I visited Surabaya (about a year ago). This trip didn't make up for it as I only spent my time with my mom and my family. Next visit will be slightly longer and I'll try to make some time to meet some friends.

Life is good.


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