Grateful for Having Had a Nice Hair Spa

Day 24 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for having had a nice hair spa at W Salon this afternoon."

Nothing beats the me time as I take my own free time and pamper myself having or doing the things I like. Hair treatment is one of them. It leaves me totally fresh on the head afterwards and my shoulders will be very relaxed as well! If I could do it every week, I would. But too much chemical is not good either, so I'll just be happy with once a month. :)

If you ask me which is better; the full body massage or hair spa, I'd go with hair spa. First of all my hair becomes absolutely great, it feels light and glowing and at the same time my body relaxes a lot thanks to the shoulders, arms and back massage. A full body massage is of course also great. It's only that I'm a sucker when my legs are being massaged. A masseuse can't put the same pressure intensity on my back and on my legs because the latter is way more sensitive. Often I will find bruises on my skin because of the strong massage. The hair spa, on the other hand, focuses on the health of the head scalp, which helps a lot for someone who works (and plays) almost all the time in front of the computer like me. It releases a lot of tension on the areas around my eyes.

So.... now that I feel pretty, I'm ready to party! There's a party at La Plancha, Seminyak tonight and I intend to come. Vincent already announced that he would have a poker night tonight, so it's perfect for me to have a dancing night tonight. :)


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