Grateful for Having Mouche Back Home

Day 23 of 365 Grateful Days Project:

"I'm grateful for having Mouche back home from the sex operation."

I thought I would sleep well that Mouche wasn't here. But I was wrong. I kept getting worried about what she was thinking, what she was feeling... She must have been so confused why Vincent and I let the vet take her away in a cage. She was never put in a cage before. She never left with a stranger before. She never gets acquainted to my maid who comes cleaning the house twice a week and always hides when she's there. Every time the bell rings, she jumps to her safe haven on the first floor ceiling where nobody can reach her.
Mouche and her bandaged stitch
Luckily the operation didn't take very long. The vet came to pick her up in the evening and he already returned her in the morning. Mouche was still deep in anaesthesia when she arrived and it lasted the whole day. However, I'm glad she's home. Though I can't stop being worried since she's hardly awake. It's too quiet compared to yesterday. But Vincent says it's normal.
She could hardly open her eyes the whole day
I suppose he's right. He's the cat expert here.

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  1. maksudnya dioperasi apa itu la? dimandulkan gitu? ato birahi nya diilangin? :p

  2. kayaknya dua2nya. karena dia udah ga horny lagi seperti sebelumnya. sepertinya kalo dia udah dimandulkan (sterilized or spayed), hormon pengen mating-nya jg jadi hilang.