Grateful for a Sweet Girls Sunday Time

Day 26 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for a Sweet Girls Sunday Time."

Pam almost begged me to come to IALF Open Day, where she would participate in the Acehnese dance. She said that it would be at 3ish in the afternoon. I SMSed my sister and asked if she would join, and she said yes because she was curious to see how Pam danced.

Well I came a bit late... at 3.15 or something, and we missed the show. But then Pam performed earlier, too, so even if we came on time at 3 we would have still missed it. When we confronted Pam about it, she was happy we didn't see her performance. She said it was a total mess. Now we really wished we had seen it!

So, since the reason why we came wasn't there anymore, we were looking for some food stalls at the bazaar. But there was really.... hardly any food! How come a bazaar doesn't have food but roasted corns??? Most of the stalls sold clothes - and not very interesting ones, I must say - and fertilizers. :P Weird for an English course bazaar. So we went back just before the stage (the music was great) and I met with my old workmates and socialized for half an hour.
Ita in front of a wall with green palm prints.

From left to right: Some girl, Pam and Ita

This kid loves dangdut!
And the way she dances with the pole reminds me of a pro dancer.
So no food, not even coffee, we are leaving. I took my sister to the nearest Dunkin Donut near Simpang Enam, and had a great coffee rendezvous there. Pam joined us an hour later and conversations got even funnier.
Hot cappuccino and chocolate filling donut for me

I bought half a dozen donuts for Vincent who is waiting at home. :)


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