Grateful for Attending La Fete de La Musique

Day 31 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for having attended La Fete de la Musique held by Alliance Française."

Vincent was not going because there were only girls from his office going to this event. But I'm going anyway because I promised Audrey I would.

But apparently Antida was so far away from Kerobokan! Took me about an hour to get there. Anyway it was nice. It seemed like a reunion for me. I met my classmates, Vincent's workmates, the wives of Vincent's workmates and my funny teacher Monsieur Putu. The music, however, was not really for me. Most featured rock or heavy metal, which Balinese seemed to really, really love. I actually think the best performance was the contemporary style of Kecak Dance. It was super funny and entertaining, with most dancers clap on their bodies to make the sounds. There was hardly any instrument used but that body-clapping, though at the end there were some bamboos that were hit on the floor consistently that produced such beautiful sounds together with the body clapping and the tongue clapping. I wish I had the video camera with me. But here is the picture I took of them.
The coolest Kecak Dance I've ever seen
Later that night, children started to get tired from running everywhere. And this particular cute young lady was falling asleep on her brother's knee.


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